At Kopec Veterinary Associates, we offer acupuncture services to our clients to complement modern conventional medicine. From treating chronic conditions to preventing new ones, you can feel confident that all options are explored for your horse’s health and well-being. Acupuncture divides the body into meridians or lines that either start or end in the head, feet, or chest. Each meridian has a set number of acupuncture points along it and is associated with an internal organ as well as other parts of the body. The insertion of a needle into the acupuncture points results in a therapeutic homeostatic effect. The acupuncture points are chosen based on a thorough examination and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. In addition to muscle pain and lameness, acupuncture can also give relief for difficult to treat conditions such as laminitis, navicular disease pain, arthritic pain, and nerve paralysis. It is also highly effective in aiding in the treatment of medical conditions such as anhidrosis, heaves, and infertility. There are very few side effects, and the results of treatment can be very encouraging.