Options for outpatient surgery and surgeries with short-term hospitalization available upon request. An examination by one of our veterinarians is required prior to most surgeries.

1. Routine Castration – Recommended for all intact male horses not intended for use as breeding stallions, routine castration can be performed after 6 months of age. Castration improves focus for training, handling, and reduces libido. This procedure is available as a farm call, or as an in-house surgery with short-term hospitalization.

2. Laceration Repair and Wound Management – Our veterinarians are skilled at laceration repair and management of routine and complicated wounds. Advanced treatments offered through Kopec Veterinary Associates include: regional limb perfusion, amnionic wound dressing, shockwave therapy, limb splinting, and more. The doctor will also formulate a tailored management plan for care and follow-up.

3. Enucleation – Removal of a diseased or painful eye can be performed under standing sedation or general anesthesia. By removing the cause for the pain, horses exhibit immediate improvement in comfort and overall demeanor. Our doctors require a pre-operative examination and consultation for all referred cases. Short-term hospitalization for the procedure is recommended.

4. Routine Umbilical Hernia Repair – Kopec Veterinary Associates is pleased to offer umbilical hernia repair for hernias that are 3 inches or less in size AND easily reducible. Our practice offers this surgery to current clients only, and is performed at the clinic with short-term hospitalization.