Now available through Kopec Veterinary Associates, gastroscopy is a minimally-invasive diagnostic tool to evaluate your horse’s gastrointestinal health. A minescule high-definition digital camera positioned at the tip of a 3.5 meter endoscope allows visualization of equine anatomy from the upper airway, through the esophagus and stomach, and even a portion of the small intestine. Predominantly used in the diagnosis and management of EGUS (equine gastric ulcer syndrome), we are able to diagnose and classify the severity of gastric ulceration, and ultimately provide a tailor-made treatment plan to most effectively resolve your horse’s gastrointestinal malady. We offer quarterly discounted Gastroscopy Days as an outpatient procedure; however, we are also able to provide this service on an as-needed outpatient or ambulatory basis. Please call our office (717-361-8700) for more information and scheduling.