Breeding Management  Marietta, PA

Breeding Management

Our team of veterinarians work diligently to create an effective breeding plan for your mares. With the aid of digital ultrasonography, we are able to pinpoint the optimal time for breeding and detect subtle issues within the reproductive tract (i.e. uterine wall cysts, fluid accumulation, etc).

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Breeding Soundness Exam  Marietta, PA

Breeding Soundness Exam

If you are not sure whether your mare is fit for breeding, a BSE is a great place to start. KVA will perform uterine cultures and biopsies to determine your mare’s level of fertility. From here, we can tailor a breeding protocol for your mare to optimize her potential for a successful pregnancy. KVA does not currently offer stallion services but we are happy to discuss your stallion’s needs and connect you with other stallion service facilities in our area.

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Broodmare Management  Marietta, PA

Broodmare Management

Once pregnancy is achieved, KVA is happy to provide a health plan detailing vaccination, medication and/or nutritional needs to keep your mare thriving during the different stages of her pregnancy.

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Foaling  Marietta, PA


If you are looking for a facility to foal your mare for you, KVA is here for you! KVA has in-stall video monitoring and Foalert TM systems in place to monitor your mare throughout the night. Each foaling is attended by a veterinarian and assistant to ensure the best beginning for your mare and new foal.

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Post Natal Care  Marietta, PA

Post Natal Care

KVA recommends post-natal exams on all newborn foals and broodmares between 10-14 hours after birth. A full physical examination is performed on both mare and foal, and the foal’s blood is tested for appropriate passive transfer and presence of underlying infection. We are also equipped to administer intravenous plasma to the foal either as a preventative or for a foal that did not receive enough colostrum from the mare.

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Artificial Insemination Breeding  Marietta, PA

Artificial Insemination Breeding

KVA is equipped to provide on-farm or in-hospital breeding services for your mare. Whether you are using frozen or fresh-cooled semen, we can help develop the ideal plan for breeding your mare. If you are interested in boarding your mare with us for breeding, please contact KVA as soon as possible to ensure stall availability.

*Hospitalization requirements of current, negative Coggins test and proof of Flu/Rhino vaccination apply.

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Embryo Transfer  Marietta, PA

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer services may be considered if you own an aged or sub-fertile mare, a highly valuable mare, or if you would like to achieve multiple offspring from a single mare. Embryos collected from your mare after a successful breeding will be shipped to a center with recipient mares who will then carry the embryo to term and nurse the foal until weaning. Further information is available by contacting our office and speaking to one of our veterinarians or to our practice manager and certified veterinary technician, Camille.

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Frozen Semen Storage  Marietta, PA

Frozen Semen Storage

Kopec Veterinary Associates offers frozen semen storage to regular clients at limited capacity. If you have frozen semen that you would like to store with us, please contact our office for space availability and pricing.

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