No Fee Haul-ins

Want to save a little money on your vet bill? KVA Equine offers
No Fee Haul-in appointments.

If you haul your horse(s) into KVA’s clinic for routine treatments/examinations, there is no farm call fee.

Haul-In Wednesday’s at KVA Equine

Kopec Veterinary Associates is proud to announce that we will be offering a discounted haul-in day. Every Wednesday a staff veterinarian will be available at our clinic to see scheduled appointments. Call (or email) now to reserve your spot and learn more about our special offers! (These special offers are ONLY available on Wednesday’s at KVA) 717-361-8700 or

KVA Refer a Friend Program

The best gift you can give us is a referral! When a current KVA Equine client refers a new client BOTH will receive a discount! Ask the doctor at your next appointment!

Equioxx Rebate 2019

The makers of Equioxx have decided to continue the 2018 mail-in rebate until March 2019. KVA Equine can submit the rebate for you!