Shockwave Therapy  Marietta, PA

Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is the use of focused energy to generate a healing response within the target tissues while also decreasing pain sensation. This non-invasive treatment can be used for stimulating the healing process in soft tissue (tendon, ligament, or muscle) injuries, as an alternative to joint injections, or to prolong the efficacy of your joint injections. Sore backs and horses with navicular disease also greatly benefit from this therapy.

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IRAP  Marietta, PA


An all-natural intra-articular treatment for joint inflammation. IRAP can be a safe alternative to steroids in cases of arthritis (degenerative joint disease), treatment of some developmental orthopedic diseases, or generalized joint inflammation (“synovitis”). The horse’s own blood is drawn and processed, usually providing several doses of IRAP for use over time.

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Stem Cell Therapy  Marietta, PA

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are cells which have not yet transformed into their mature state. When stem cells are grown from a sample of your horse’s fat, they can be injected into a damaged tendon or ligament. The cells will mature within the damaged site to become new tendon or ligament tissue. The use of stem cells in this nature has shown to reduce healing time and improve the outcome of some tendon or ligament injuries.

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Saddle Fitting  Marietta, PA

Saddle Fitting

Proper saddle fit is crucial to your horse’s optimal performance, as poor fit can cause back pain and even lameness. Our veterinarians are able to make general assessments of your saddle fit, give recommendations to you for improving the fit, or refer you to a certified saddle fitter to select or build customized tack fit to you and your horse.

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Poor Performance  Marietta, PA

Poor Performance

Is your horse losing stamina or endurance? Is he having difficulty over fences or with lead changes? Does your horse want to fight under saddle, instead of getting to work? If your horse is experiencing these signs or others, it might be time for an examination. Our doctors can assist you in getting to the root of your horse’s problem, and creation of a tailored treatment plan to get him back on track.

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Non-invasive Joint Therapies  Marietta, PA

Non-invasive Joint Therapies

There are several intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), and oral joint treatments available on the market today. Our veterinarians are adept at helping you to decide which treatment may be the best for your horse’s needs. Some examples of the medications that we may discuss or recommend include: Adequan IM, Legend IV, OsPhos, Equioxx, Cosequin ASU, and Platinum Performance Joint.

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